Lighter Resistance Board with Foam Inserts

Regular price $136.95

This package features the LIGHTER RESISTANCE board and the foam insert attachments for extra buoyancy resistance.

Looking for an intense, Low Impact alternative to traditional weight lifting and exercise routines? With Hydro Shred you can be sure that you are maximizing sculpting/weight loss results while getting back to the water fun you had as a kid. No Dread, All Shred!

Package Includes:

1 Lighter Resistance Board
2 Foam Buoyancy Inserts (insert colors may vary)

So much more than just the board!
When you purchase this board you will ALSO receive:

1. The full online exercise video with over 15 unique exercises designed to maximize your body transformation and physical endurance.

2. All of the auxiliary documentation to help with your workout and improve your Hydro Shred Experience.

3. Your very own online personal TRANSFORMATION PAGE for you to track progress and add daily notes during your 30-day blast, and beyond.

4. The ability to join our Hydro Shred Facebook Group to interact with other Shredders, ask questions and receive new encouragement, insights and the latest exercises to add to your routine.

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