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Hydro Shred Training Routine

'Real Time' Exercise Video (20 mins).

18 Exercise Training Video Breakdown: Watch at least once prior to first workout.

TRAINING RESOURCES (please read these BEFORE starting):

Download PDF: Beginning Instructions- VIEW

Download PDF: Exercise Routine Details- VIEW

The first time you engage in the exercise program, take a few moments and determine the water depth that is the most comfortable for you to complete the workout. Even a couple inches deeper or shallower will change the level of difficulty. You want the exercise to be difficult and nearly impossible per set for more more muscle growth, and a little easier for toning. Personally, I prefer to go to near failure by the eighth to tenth rep in each set.

We recommend that for the first 30 days you complete the SAME PROGRAM every day (7 days a week) to maximize the results. If you are like most, you may feel sore for the first few days, as your body adjusts to the new routine, but usually nothing like "gym soreness." Please read page 2 of the BEGINNING INSTRUCTIONS pdf, which describes the 1 month program in detail. This workout routine should take no more than 45 mins per day, and as you develop your own routine, feel free to group exercises per day as your see fit (for example: upper body day 1 and ab routines day 2), but for maximum effect, try to do the same 18 exercises for the first thirty days.


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In a hurry, or just need to catch up on a single exercise, use these quick clips below to isolate the exercise(s) of choice.

Exercise 1: Warm Up Walk
Exercise 3: Backward Curls
Exercise 5: Submberges
Exercise 7: Straight Downs
Exercise 9: Bicep Pushdowns
Exercise 11: Backward Curls - ABS
Exercise 13: Aqua Paddles
Exercise 15: Side Pushes
Exercise 17: Aqua Crunches
Exercise 2: Warm Up Push Down
Exercise 4: The Drop Down
Exercise 6: Tricep Pushdown
Exercise 8: Kettlebell Drops
Exercise 10: Floating Bench Press
Exercise 12: Push To's
Exercise 14: Abdominal Spins
Exercise 16: The Jackson
Exercise 18: Hydro Curls