YMCA Opportunities

In January of 2022, Hydro Shred established the first sanctioned class at the YMCA in NE Louisville, KY. Since then, 30 instructors in the Louisville area have been trained in the Hydro Shred program, two additional successful classes have been added the NE location, and three classes were added to the schedule at the SW Louisville YMCA. Additional opportunities throughout the region are also being explored.

We want to extend this opportunity to your YMCA location. Hydro Shred is a powerful strength, cardio and fitness (simultaneously) exercise program that transcends the typical "water workout" mindset and opens your aqua fitness program to a whole new demographic and age range. It is a powerful, energetic and results-oriented fitness program, that often surpasses the results of traditional weight training, because the board is optimized to maximize the amount of resistance one can generate in water. This allows those wanting to maximize fitness results can push their bodies to failure through every exercise safely, easily and without the "burn" of traditional weight lifting.

Below is a training class with over 19 certified instructors.

Hydro Shred is more than just the aqua fitness board, but a holistic workout and lifestyle experience that includes:

1. Your Aqua Fitness Board(s) (get our wholesale discount with 12 boards or more | We recommend at least 15 boards for initial classes)
2. Our always expanding workout video program (now with 18 exercises) and the detailed workout explanation PDF for easy integration into fitness classes.
3. Our specialized, certified program materials, test and certification.
4. Each participant's customized Transformation Web Page
5. Our online Facebook Group opportunities
6. The full explanation PDFs of the program, soon to be nutrition recommendations and more. (We are also partnering with a nutrition coaching company to offer even more personalized services).

Wholesaler Discount:

For those wanting to set up their own Hydro Shred program at their facility, we offer a wholesale discount for 12 boards or more. Simply type in the COUPON CODE: SHREDCLASS when you check out. This will give you a 35% discount on your purchase price for boards, and includes all the bonus materials, pages, site pages and videos above. For any questions or additional information, please contact us via email at hydro@purefusionmedia.com or by phone directly at 615-207-6420


We offer the ability to receive either a Heavy or Lighter Resistance Board as a complimentary opportunity, so you can test the boards with your team prior to full wholesale purchase. Just contact us at 615-207-6420 when you are ready to explore Hydro Shred.

Powerful Marketing Tools:

In order to maximize success, we offer full marketing services to help draw interest to your Hydro Shred classes. Here is an example of a current promotional video.

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Additional Resources:

We are constantly updating our content, adding new, bi-weekly exercises and sharing additional transformation stories, so this will be a living, vital customer relationship that will grow with us, and your participants. We hope that your Hydro Fitness program becomes a powerful, transformation and flat-out fun part of your location's aqua fitness offerings.